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  • Tracey Jensen


It was a very successful day for Karbullah Poll Merinos at Gourmet in Gundy on Sunday.

BBQ French Cutlets and Karbullah salad were on the menu, on what proved to be a very busy day for the Karbullah crew.

The cutlets were a quick feast for the less hungry, but the salad, served with warm roast vegetables, warm lamb reg roast slices, salad mix and caramelised balsamic vinegar was the favourite on the day.

With the cutlets going at $2 and the salad at $6 the line never faltered until product ran out.

Karbullah proprietor Vicki Murphy said she was pleasantly surprised at the amount of business their stall received on the day.

‘We ran out of cutlets by 2pm and started selling lamb back strap pieces until they ran out and we ran out of roast vegies and salad mix by 3pm,’ Mrs Murphy said.

‘We had a few roast shoulders left and sold plates of meat until that ran out around 4pm.’

‘We went through 15 leg roasts, 220 french cutlets and 12 bones lamb loin back straps in around four and a half hours.’

Karbullah lamb was also used by celebrity chef Dominique Rizzo in the cooking demonstrations on the day and proved a hit with the public.

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