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Glenwood 210296

A top quality wool ram purchased from Glenwood last year for his long, bold, white crimp and to add some excellent SRS genetics into our flock. We look forward to his first drop of lambs this year.


A genuine all-rounder. He has beautiful long, white wool on a big, solid carcase and is our highest clean fleece weight sire. His genetics will be a brilliant addition to any flock.


A lovely big ram. One of only 6 rams kept of his drop, he is an exceptional wool ram, with impressive breeding values. In the top 5% for Ewe Rearing Ability, he is the perfect ram for fertility and survivability.


One of our favourite ram this year. 220195 is an outstanding wool ram, with a beautiful long, white, lustrous fleece. He also has an outstanding carcase as well.


Our only genuine frame ram in the this years keepers. He is the perfect ram for fertility and lamb survivability. He has a large impressive carcase and excellent structure.


A fantastic all-round ram, with a lovely fleece and muscle and fat breeding values in the top 10 and 5% respectively. He is structurally perfect and has a excellent temperament.


A beautiful wool ram on a long body. He is one of our top picks. With huge growth and good carcase breeding values, he is an outstanding ram.


Another favourite, 220090 offers the whole package. In the top 5% for staple length, and the top 10%, 5% and 20% for Yearling growth, Post Weaning Growth and muscle, he in no slouch across the board.


The total package of our 2021 rams. Outstanding carcass traits put this ram high on the fertility/survivability wish list. A brilliant all-rounder.


One of our top picks of our 2021 sires. A bright, white, bold crimp on an exceptional carcass with excellent breeding values for worm resistance. An outstanding all round package and an asset to any flock. Very easy to join.

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