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Welcome to
Karbullah Poll Merino

A "Next Generation" Merino Stud 

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Meet the
Murphy Family

Karbullah is a “next generation” merino stud, focused on producing a dual purpose merino, situated north of Goondiwindi in Southern Queensland. We specialise in producing a merino with high productivity, superior wool and strong carcass characteristics. Our stud flock has an average of 19 micron and we have not mulesed since 2004 or worm drenched our ewe base since 1992.

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  • 97% clearance - 143/147 rams sold

  • Average - $1496

  • Top price Lot 42 - $4,000

  • Grade rams available on enquiry

  • Call Mark on 0427 761 739 or Luke on 0428 187 305

  • Join SRS Genetics to become a part of a group of progressive, passionate growers. Enquiry with Kate Brabin, SRS Genetics, Phone 0418296805 or

  • Consistently, producing over 130% lambing and less than 10% lamb loss.  Making it happen. 

For more inquiries please see contact details at bottom of page.

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Why Us?

Fertility & Survivability

Muscle & Fat

Worm Resilience

Wool Quality


Profit Drivers

Next Generation Merinos

Our merino’s are plain bodied and open faced and require minimum care and attention. There is a high worm resilience, lustrous white wools, good carcass,  productive sheep together with the ability to survive in challenging  environments.


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SRS Merinos

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